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COVID-19 or the Flu? Preparing for the Overlap

The upcoming flu season has many healthcare professionals especially worried this year. COVID-19 alone has stretched the healthcare system to its breaking point in many places, and it remains to be seen whether we will face another surge of infections during the peak of the flu season. To make matters worse, influenza and COVID-19 are both upper respiratory illnesses with similar presentations, and the possibility of co-infection further increases the chances of misdiagnosis.

Maximizing Your Pharmacy Switch

The pharmacy switch is the company that routes your claim, based on the BIN number and PCN number, to the correct insurance company, and then routes the response back to your pharmacy. It's kind of like the air traffic controller, directing incoming and outgoing traffic. This from McKesson does a great job visualizing what happens to a pharmacy claim after you hit 'Send.' Oftentimes, we don't give the switch much thought, but it's actually an important decision that can affect your bottomline.

What is the Evidence on Improvised PPE?

The recent PPE shortages caused by COVID-19 are leading to horror stories across the country of frontline healthcare workers using whatever they have to protect themselves from infection. I recently read a piece describing an ER physician who had been using his ski goggles as eye protection because the hospitals he covered had nothing else for him to use. Here, we’ll take a look at the available evidence for some of the most commonly mentioned improvised PPE.

An Outpatient Pharmacist’s Perspective on the COVID-19 Pandemic

I work for a health-system in Florida, and, as you have probably seen on the news, COVID-19 has definitely arrived in our state (and our hospitals). It moved incredibly fast – only a couple of weeks ago we were at “We need to get ready for the outbreak,” and suddenly we are preparing for supply shortages and being overwhelmed by the crisis. It is scary to think we are actually in times, for example, where hospitals are considering DNR orders on all COVID-19 patients due to a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). Below are my thoughts on the pandemic and the response and on actions as a pharmacy community we have taken to combat the crisis:

5 Tips to Error-Proof Your Prescriptions

As I’ve written before on Patient Care® Online, I’ve seen my fair share of prescription gaffes in my career. I’ve also seen our patients inconvenienced and left waiting as we tried to guess what a prescription was for, then had to call the prescriber’s office and wait to hear back before we could fill it. To help prevent that here are 5 tips from the pharmacy “trenches” to ensure your prescriptions don’t end up in our “doctor will call back” pile.

Is Santa Claus Healthy? 5 Lifestyle Habits: Naughty and Nice

Every year, Santa brings the world’s children toys and happiness, circling the globe and working tirelessly with his elves to make sure he is prepared for the next year. But his hard work for world happiness is sometimes taken for granted, and I often wonder about Santa’s health, especially since he’s now >1700-years-old. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many doctors at the North Pole, so I also started to wonder: Is Santa’s lifestyle good for his health?

The Holidays: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The holidays tend to be a time of emotional ups and downs for many people. Family time can bring both stress and joy, the coziness of cold weather and a fireplace inside brings people together but also makes them inactive, and people everywhere are running from place-to-place trying to prepare. For most people, the last thing on their mind is staying healthy; after all, that’s for New Year’s Resolutions, right?
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