I moved my family from the US to Japan. Healthcare and housing are significantly cheaper and I feel a lot safer here.

• Alex Evans moved from Jacksonville, Florida, to Mukaishima Island, Japan, in June 2022.
• He's currently renting a three-bedroom home for 65,000 yen a month, or about $462.
• The low healthcare costs were a shock, and he feels safe enough to leave his bike unattended.

This as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Alex Evans, 38, about his experience moving his family from the US to Mukaishima Island, Japan, about 62 miles from Hiroshima City, in June 2022. Evans is originally from Mo

Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) Practitioners Share Their Stories

I was working towards FIRE for several years, but then realized that what I truly wanted was not really to *retire*, but rather to have more control over my time, the ability to travel (not just for the sake of traveling - my wife's family lives in Japan, so that's one reason), a different type of work (I loved my job as a community pharmacist, but was also getting bored), and the excitement of owning my own business, getting clients, and earning my own income.

National Pharmacist Day 2018: 5 Things Your Pharmacist Can Do For You

National Pharmacist Day 2018: 5 Things Your Pharmacist Can Do For You

January 12 is National Pharmacist Day and it’s a good opportunity for everyone to show appreciation to all pharmacists in the health community.

This day also celebrates the expansive role that pharmacists have today that go beyond dispensing medication. Alex Evans, PharmD, CGP who works in a community pharmacy in Florida says, “I am proud to have provided life-saving immunizations to hundreds, maybe thousands, of patients...