Presentations and Inservices

Protecting Patient Privacy in the Healthcare Setting - 1 CE

Pharmacy staff, regardless of practice setting, must access patient health information on a daily basis in order to perform their jobs. It is critical that they act in accordance with the law when interacting with and sharing patient-protected health information, or they could face action from their employer or their law, and their employer could face fines and lose the trust of the public. In order to prevent a breach in privacy, the pharmacy staff must understand privacy laws.

Hazardous Drug Handling and Disposal in the Community Pharmacy Setting

In spite of longstanding guidelines in the handling of hazardous drugs (HD), healthcare worker exposure to HD persists. This course is designed to educate pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who work in the community pharmacy setting on proper hazardous drug (HD) handling and disposal. Join us to review relevant legislation and describe how to develop site specifc HD lists as well as effective policies and procedures. Key considerations in the safe receiving, storage, dispensing and disposal of HD, as well as appropriate response to exposure incidents will also be discussed.

Helmer Scientific | Vaccine Storage and Handling Recorded Webinar

In this one hour webinar we discuss the importance of properly storing vaccines with Alex Evans, PharmD, CGP

This webinar covers the following topics:

- Risks associated with exposing vaccines to out of range temperatures
- Proper selection of thermometers, refrigerators, and freezers according to CDC guidelines
- Updates to the CDC 2016 Vaccine Storage and Handling Tool Kit
- Best practices for handling temperature excursions